​Thank you for visiting Paws of Light. My name is Navah Raphael and I am dedicated to the well being of all animals.  I am a practitioner of healing and a facilitator of communication clarifying the gaps of communication between animals and their guardians.  I am a certified Reiki Practitioner (1st, 2nd and 3rd degree), Intuitive Empath, and Wellness Guide; I offer healing sessions for both animals and humans.  I believe that within all of us is the great power to heal.  It is my purpose to assist each and every being along this path.

I look forward to assisting you and your beloved companions.


All animals are enlightened beings. They are incredible teachers, helpers and guides. They guide humanity back to the pure innocence of Being. 

​-Navah Raphael

 ​healing for animals & humans

Navah Raphael

Fundamentally, there is no difference between animals and humans. We all breathe the same air, see through the same eyes, share the same beating heart and dwell in the same Spirit. All animals live in the pure vibration of love, as do we, if we choose.  - Navah Raphael

Legal Disclaimer: Sessions by Navah Raphael do not take the place of veterinary care. Readings are solely based on current energies and are thus open to shifting and changing.  Navah Raphael solely offers suggestions in regards to food, supplements and vaccinations and encourages the client to do their own research. Navah Raphael's suggestions may clash with that of a veterinarian. Navah Raphael is not responsible for an animal's illness that may occur from food changes or supplement suggestions, nor from any energy work that may cause changes within the animal.  Energy work is not a promise of instant healing. Healing is a process and in some instances, an animal may appear worse before improvements are seen.

​With love,

​About Navah

                 HOW IT WORKS

An Animal Communication and Healing Session is through the heart to heart and mind to mind connection of human to animal. All living beings are conscious and we are all energy, thus I am able to connect to the Spirit of the animal remotely wherever you may reside .

I can assist you and your companions with clarity on behavioral issues, ptsd, trauma, aggression, food allergies, health conditions, animals in grief and clarity on an animal's background.  Sessions can explore questions you need answered as well as a healing for the animal in need.

The healing modalities I use are: Reiki, Body Scans, Chakra Healing , Heart to Heart Healing, Mediumship. Energy Repair/Clearing of the physical body and/or auric field and Reclamation of Energy for the energetic Restoration of Spirit resulting in Wholeness. All healing modalities will vary per animal and per case.

Your session will include: A phone consultation where you can share with me the issue(s )occurring.

Through a meditation process I will take 1-2 days to work with your animal. This will give me the time to do a thorough exploration and healing for them .

We  will follow up with a phone conversation. I will share with you my notes from the session. We can talk about solutions and I will answer all questions you have.

I will finish by typing up the session notes and email/text them to you so you have them for your keeping.