Navah Raphael

Animal Rights, Prayer and in Memoriam

Navah Raphael, a gifted individual who has dedicated her life and energies to using alternative methods of healing animals, agreed to take some time recently to answer many questions about her practice. Her work with our animal companions is well-known here in Los Angeles. For those, however, unfamiliar with the concepts of medicine such as reiki or distance healing on non-human species, it is hoped this interview will open their eyes and hearts to such procedures. Just like us, our animal family members and friends experience great comfort and healing from non-invasive, caring assistance given to them. Just the knowledge that someone cares, in itself, goes a long way toward relieving the stress, pain and sickness that injured or sick animals experience when they are so frequently disregarded due to their lack of status as persons in the eyes of so many. 1. First of all: how did you decide to focus your gifts on healing for animals? NR: I have always loved animals and I must admit, a bit more than people! Growing up, our family had cats; as a child, I always spoke to them and sang to them. They were my friends. For me, I found animals easier to connect with than people. For me, the connection was special and very healing. I spent numerous years working on myself and as I went through my own healing process, I started to unlock my healing talents and communication abilities. I practiced on animals at a local cat shelter and found great results. It's been 10 years now and my love for animals and my desire to help them continues to grow. 2. What training did you undergo? Was any of it specifically geared to treating animals or is it all equally valid for all species? NR: When I started to discover my communication abilities, I read Carol Gurney's book, The Language of Animals: 7 Steps to Communicating With Animals. I found that I was already practicing some of the steps and her book helped me to go deeper. In regards to certification, I am a Certified Reiki Practitioner 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree. This form of energy work is both beneficial for animals and humans. 3. How different are your animal clients from human clients, outside of the obvious, of course, like the communication element, and specific ailments that only afflict certain species? NR: Animals are different than working with people because there is no ego. They are completely present and open. They live in the moment. They are not lost in complex thought systems like humans. They let go easier and are more open to communicate. 4. Do you ever receive any communication from animals that have passed on and wish to let you, or their human companions, know something? NR: Yes, I have connected with many animals who have passed on. I am not a medium, but I do read energy. Most times a guardian is in grief about their animal who has passed, in these sessions, I connect with the spirit of the animal and am given guidance to help heal the guardian directly from the animal. Most people need reassurance that their loved one is okay. 5. Your website mentions reiki: how do you get some animal clients to keep still during a treatment session? It's hard enough for some of our species to keep still very long! NR: Not all animals will stay still through a Reiki session. I have a select few that will stay still and let me place my hands on them.For some animals, especially cats, the energy is too stimulating or overwhelming. An animal will always let me know what they are comfortable with. If the hand placements are too intense, as I do send a tremendous amount of energy through my hands, I will place my hands on the energy field itself, on the outskirts of the body. When I am connected to the energy field, the animal can receive the same amount of energy as if my hands were directly placed on them. This same amount of energy can be sent remotely as well. When I am connected to the energy field, I can feel if a chakra is closed, if so, I will assist in helping the body reopen it; this is called chakra balancing. 6. How does remote reiki work? Is it similar to other types of distance healing like pranic healing or prayer? NR: Through the concept of interconnectedness, we all are connected through the energy of spirit and the energy of form. All energy can be sent and received. For example, every time we have a thought or judgment about someone we are sending energy to that person. The same applies for animals, as they carry the same energetic components as humans. When I work remotely, I request a photo of the animal and the address of where the animal resides. That is all I need. The rest is heart to heart communication and mind to mind communication, which is called telepathy. Through these avenues energy is sent and received. To me, prayer is a request; reiki is an action. However they both engage universal life force energy which holds tremendous healing powers. The combination of both can be transformational. I have heard of Pranic Healing, but have not explored how it works, many forms of energy work parallel each other, they just undergo a different ritual. 7. Do you have problems with your advice to human companions of your clients not being followed, just as many healing practitioners working with humans only often experience? NR: I merely make suggestions to my clients. I never tell someone what to do or offer any type of prescription. It is my duty to share openly, to help educate, inspire and heal. 8. What are some of your challenges in doing this work?  NR: There are many challenging aspects of doing this work. One is when I have a client who doesn't really believe in what I do as valid or real, a friend referred them to me and they are giving it a try. People have many judgments about believing in things that are not tangible. When I am in a person’s home and they are emitting this energy, I feel it and find myself blocked from receiving information. My challenges are to unblock myself from someone else's energy so I can freely do my work. Another challenge when I am in a person’s home is the energy in the environment. Many times I am reading an animal and I start reading the environmental energies, of either the home itself, or of the humans living there. This can be very distracting. That is why I sometimes find remote sessions easier to administer. 9. What is your purpose? NR: My main purpose in doing this work is to raise the consciousness of the human race so that humans may come to understand and experience that animals are sentient beings. They are conscious. They feel. They love. They are just as alive as we human beings are. The fact that many humans don't see this is the link that I intend to repair. To me there is no hierarchy in spirit, just the ever present energy of love. When human beings can stop killing animals and each other then we have reached our true evolution.
Having witnessed the effects Ms. Raphael has on her clients is to endorse that she is completely honest and effective in her work. They respond to her with trust and willingness to communicate on a level many humans do not share with them. Her knowledge of animals’ health, psychology and spirituality is absolutely precise. Not in the cold, textbook-application way that laboratory tests and human-supremacists would have us believe, as in seeing animals as merely breathing objects. She sees them as only those who love them can.

Animals are not property. They do not belong to us. I uplift my heart in prayer for humanity. That humans become enlightened to this fact.  If we are so lucky to be blessed with the gift of any animal no matter what form they come in, this is a blessing. We do not own them. They do not belong to us. We are solely their guardians. May this shift in perception be the new way all animals are seen. As children of God.

I hold all farm animals with the intent of being respected, loved and honored. May the people who work with farm animals find compassion and respect for them. Animals raised for food must be treated humanely. Honored! Respected! Dignity is their right.
May factory farming be abolished and the return to natural humane farming practices restored. Factory farming goes against the natural laws of Nature. The humane treatment of animals first before greed.  
I pray for all humans to see their own reflection in the face of each and every animal and rediscover their own innocence. We are mirrors of the same innocence. Animals are enlightened beings and are extraordinary teachers.

We are over vaccinating our pets. I have witnessed so many animals who have compromised immune systems receive vaccinations which either wreak havoc on their systems causing additional health problems and or resulted in premature death. Just because your vet says your animal needs a vaccination; doesn't mean it is in alignment with your pet. Please take the time to self educate. 

Empower yourself with the care of your pet when it comes to veterinary care.  Learn to feel in to your own intuition. You are more connected to your animal than your veterinarian. Your intuition is your gut feeling and it will let you know if a treatment is right for your pet or not. Get a second opinion if need be.

To all animals who are displaced, lost, hungry, grieving, wounded and under the mercy of man through abuse or neglect, my heart connects to yours to let you know you are loved. May you feel the healing loving essence that exists within your own Soul,

Blessings to beloved Sweetie. It was an absolute honor to work with you all these years. I will never forget your fashionista style, your adorable face and the love you have for your family. I love you.



Thank you for continual visitations sweet Raven. I am amazed at your ability to shape shift into owls, hawks and squirrels. You show me the power and greatness of animals in Spirit. You show me how they continue to visit and communicate with us in the most interesting of ways. You will always be my Spirit Guide, my teacher and my friend.








Navah Raphael in The Examiner - Interview

By Vickie Jackson - LA Alternative Medicine Examiner

                        October 29, 2014