Finn                    Harlow                       BB

    Frankie                  Pip                       Jack

         Sweetie                 Raven                     Squeeks

      Brownie                   Jed                       Dawg

       Farley                Henry & Tom                      Charlie


Pepper,Ivan & Cinnie     Shivani              Haps & Floppy

Floppy & Halfie               Bella                    Baby

    Griffin                  Gertie                    Garbo

Hi Navah.  I wanted to let you know that Sweetie's limp on her right foreleg has improved substantially since her session with you, in fact her limp is almost entirely gone! Most of the time she doesn't limp at all. I know that's because you cleared the energy blockage that was there from old trauma, Thanks again for all your good work with her. Take care, Pat.

                                        *   *   *

Hi Navah! I just wanted to tell you how thankful we are that we found you.  Without a doubt there is a shift in Jefe. She is no longer looking for Spider and instead of the mornings being really sad around here she climbs on me and wakes me up with kisses.  So, so sweet. Thank you so much Navah.  You're amazing and what you do is so special. xoxoxo Heidi and Jefe.

                                         *   *   *

I cannot recommend Navah more highly.  We have a vicious puppy, which sounds like an oxymoron, but Frankie was 5 months old when she started biting my boyfriend.  She was agitated, growling and seemed generally unhappy. We tried a trainer, a behaviorist and a veterinarian but nothing worked until Navah came to work on Frankie's energy.  She was like a different dog after just one session.  She was happier and seemed lighter.  Now, Frankie smiles. Thank you Navah for saving Frankie! -Adrienne

                                           *   *   *

My little L'Orange passed at the age of 17.  She was the love of my life, my soulmate, I called Navah and asked her to come over knowing her gift would be the bridge between my grief and healing. I was so right. Thank you Navah from the bottom of my heart. You make the world a more special and blessed space. You are a light in this world.            Ana, L'Orange's human.

                                           *   *   *

Navah's healing presence had an immediate effect on my cats.  They instantly went up to her like they had known her for years.  Milo was depressed and was different after the session, he was much happier.  Griffin had Rhino Virus and I am convinced that combined with great medical attention and Navah's work that her connection and touch saved him.  Not only did she help heal my pets but she helped heal me. Her guidance and advice has been invaluable. Navah is the real deal - open, empathic, loving and truly connected to the animals she works with. I am very grateful for everything she has done for us.            Kristen Lee Kelly

                                           *   *   * 

Navah. Thank you so much!!! I just want to give you a big thank you hug! Noel is home and I am too. Without your help I feel she would still be under the building. May blessings and good karma come your way.  xoxo Shannon                        

                                           *   *   *

Hello Navah. Thank you!! Jed is doing remarkably well since you treated him. It is such a relief not to see him anxious and uncomfortable. Instead he seems both more energetic and more relaxed. It's been 5 days now where he is happy and tail wagging. We're all happy that he will be going inward with lots of peace in and around him. Words can't describe how much this means to us. x                                               Maria

                                            *   *   *

My wife and I adopted our cat Mio and lived with her for only a week when she accidentally got out and ran away. We looked and looked but couldn't find her and quickly gave up hope. After all, she was an indoor cat lost in an unfamiliar place. Add to that our neighborhood is known to have coyotes and the lot she ran into was home to a pack of them. I talked to friends and neighbors who all told me, as kindly as possible, that she was probably dead or gone for good. When I hired Navah it seemed like a long shot. She did her first session and immediately told me that Mio was alive and in hiding, scared and seeking safety. The hope that Navah provided gave me the strength to believe in a reunion. I began to go searching everyday and Navah kept me updated, assuring me that my cat was alive and wanting to come home. As the days stretched to weeks my friends and family tried to get me used to the idea that Mio was gone. Only Navah continued to assure me of her life and safety. Eventually Navah convinced my cat to come out of hiding and the next day I glimpsed her in my yard. I rented a trap-cage and after three days I caught her and brought her home. She was completely healthy and happy to be home. We've been happy ever since and I have Navah Raphael to thank for keeping me sane and hopeful and for bringing my cat back to me.  

-Ben C.
                                                                 *   *   * 

THanks sooo much for your reading today! Things are already better! I totally took everything you said to heart. Things will definitely be better between Bhakti and me. I have an entirely different attitude now. Thanks so much for your time and effort. xoxoxo                                        Nancy Jo & Bhakti                                      

                                            *   *   *

Thank you Navah for everything you have done for us to help make this process easier for us all. We definitely made the right decision to have you communicate with our babies during this time. Your help has been invaluable! We look forward to bringing Harley back to our family tomorrow :) Love and Light.                                                          Rebecca and Loren too.

                                             *   *   *

Hi Navah: Thanks so much for Saturday! Although I didn't expect to see any visible improvement, I gotta say. Farley is walking noticeably better! When I help him get up he waits a few seconds before walking and he's much calmer about the falling down thing.  I think you really helped him. Best,  Marcy

      Thomas                   Jefe                               Charlene

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​         In Loving Memory of beloved

             RAVEN 2003-2019

   Healer, teacher, protector and pack leader.     

Taz                     Dottie                     Libby

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         Lily                   The Gang                 Spryte

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                                                                     *   *   *
Oh my goodness Navah!! We can never thank you enough for facilitating the beautiful session you had between Dixie and Maggie. Maggie seemed to be really happy, had more energy and seemed at peace today. We noticed it right way when we got home from work. We are in awe at how much more calm and happy she is this evening. Thank you so much!!
You have brought us much solace and peace! I appreciate it more than you will ever know. 
Much love to you! -Kim

     Nicholas                   Pink                     Luke

Austin                   Jack               Halo & Alathea

​    Tundra                    Jerry                    Frank

Hi Navah!  Just wanted to let you know that Austin has been sleeping with us again (all of us, including Harris and Callie) and he's playing with and grooming Harris (and even playing with Callie too).  We are so glad that he's bouncing back and I wanted to say thank you so much again!!   L.                                                          xo

*    *    *

Shirley                  Brian              Milo, Finn&Darby

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