​For Humans

Navah Raphael

Reiki Healing:                                                                         

I am a certified Reiki Master and received my certification through the teaching and guidance of Reiki Master Carisa Mellado in Los Feliz, Ca. 

I have many years of doing energy work with various healing modalities but have found Reiki to be the most gentle and restorative.

​Sessions are done in my home at $100 or can be accommodated to your own home; but mileage will be added to the charge.

The following are some of the results people experience during & after a Reiki Session. 

*More centered peaceful and calm
*Renewed energy and vitality
*Conscious of life purpose and direction
*Relief and ease of physical pain and stress
*Shifting of life long patterns
*Clearing of blocked energy
*A quieter mind
*Release of fear and anxiety
*Immune system support
*Deeper connection to the Self
*Balancing of the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies


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