How it works

An animal communication and healing session is possible through the heart to heart and mind to mind connection between human and animal.  All living beings are conscious and we are all energy, thus I am able to connect to the energy and Spirit of any animal remotely wherever you may reside.

I can assist you and your companions with: behavioral issues, PTSD, trauma, aggression, food allergies, energy healing for health issues, animals in grief, connecting to a beloved animal in Spirit, clarity on an animal's background and history.

I am a trained Reiki Master and Intuitive Empath. Some of the healing modalities I use are: Reiki Healing, Body Scans, Chakra Clearing, Mediumship, Muscle Testing, and Heart to Heart Healing streaming forth the pure energy of the well of Love from Source. Modalities vary per animal.


As part of the ethics of working with another living being, I always ask the animal permission to work with them for they are the decision makers. I don't assume I know what's best for the animal, I always let the higher wisdom, the Spirit of the animal, guide all communication and healing sessions. I am solely a channel for communication and a conduit for healing.  

Your session will include:


-A phone consultation where you can share with me questions you want answered and or any issue(s) that are occurring.

-I will proceed my work remotely with your animal through a meditation process. This process can take anywhere from 1-2 days depending on the nature of your requests. You will not be charged for any additional time I take to work with your animal as it is more important to me to do a thorough and complete exploration than increase a fee.

-Upon completing the session, I will follow up with another phone conversation. I will share with you my experiences, insights, information and any healing that occurred during the session(s). I will answer all questions you have. This session is recorded.

-To close, I email you a copy of the recorded session as well as a copy of my channeled session notes.


Animal Communication/Healing:

In Home Sessions For Special Cases Only.

(You must be local to where I reside).  $150.00

Animal Communication/Healing Session:

Remote Session: $111.00


Animal Communication/Healing Session:

Remote Follow Up Session $90.00 

(returning clients-for the same animal)

Muscle Testing for Food Allergies $90.00

(A thorough exploration of ingredients and/or supplements that are in or out of alignment with the physical well being of your animal).

If you need me to check in on your animal after a session there will be a $22.00 donation fee. I am no longer gifting "check ins".

Lost Animals: I no longer take lost animal cases. If you have a lost animal I have two other professional animal communicators I can refer you to.

Payment due the day of services.

Cash App, PayPal or Zelle accepted. Please do not send payment prior to contacting me first.

Navah and Gertie

The Divinity in me recognizes the Divinity in all living beings. 

           -Navah Raphael

        Gertie and Navah 2017

Readings for Humans

I offer Intuitive Energy Readings for humans.


I read energy!

Being an empath with gifts in Clairaudience, Clairvoyance and Clairsentience I am able to explore with you the energies around any specific issue you may need clarity on.  Deeply connected to my heart source I can tap into your Higher Consciousness and bring clarity and awareness to you to help elevate, inspire, heal and empower you.


Readings are uplifting and will powerfully shift you into a new perspective.

All readings are done over the phone together.

Readings are 30 minutes for $33.00

I do not do psychic predictions, mediumship readings and I am not a medical medium.