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Legal Disclaimer

Sessions administered by Navah Raphael do not take the place of veterinary care.  Navah Raphael is not a licensed healthcare professional.  Navah Raphael is a Spiritual Practitioner and trained Spiritual Healer only.  Readings are based on current energies and are subject to shift and change.

Navah Raphael may offer suggestions in regards to an animal's health and well-being. However, Navah Raphael encourages The Guardian of the animal to empower themselves with information and do their own research.

Navah Raphael is not responsible for any health issues that may arise with an animal due to food changes or supplement suggestions. 

Energy Work facilitated by Navah Raphael is not a guarantee of instant healing. Great improvements are possible and do occur however, healing is a process along with integration periods.  How an animal responds to energy work varies as each animal is unique.


Queen Esther Grace Rose     

Receptionist and Personal Assistant

Queen Esther Grace Rose, formerly known as Rose at Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center; was at the shelter for 8 months. Rancho Cucamonga is a no kill animal shelter. 


No one wanted to adopt Rose due to her FIV positive status. Little do people know that FIV positive cats can only transmit the virus through a bite. The teeth need to puncture the skin of another cat. The rumor that it can be transmitted through water, food, air and saliva is false. Most FIV positive cats live beautiful long healthy lives in multiple animal households without any health issues.

Navah went to Rancho Cucamonga Animal Shelter and asked to see the cat that had been there the longest. Rose was that cat. Navah adopted her instantly.

Rose had cognition issues due to being in a cage for 8 months. She couldn't look up or focus. Visually she could not make eye contact with humans. She was shy, scared, lethargic and visually challenged.

Navah started to play with Rose daily using various cat wands. The more Rose started to use her eyes the sharper they became. After months of "wand therapy" Rose became sharp as a button, her vision was back online. 


Rose's confidence grew, her inner Diva emerged. She started to play with Navah's two dogs, pouncing on them playfully and chasing them. As her energy continued to change and flourish, so did her name. Rose became Grace which became Esther, thus claiming the name Queen Esther Grace Rose. 

Queen Esther loves to do the 100 yard dash in the cat proofed yard, bird watch, meow at squirrels, play soccer, chase wands, follow dog butts, play with hair ties in the bathtub and spend time with her humans.

Esther enjoys when Navah works with other animals especially the healing sessions. This lead Navah to hire Esther as her receptionist and personal assistant. Together they are a fabulous team.

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Please send your message to Navah's personal assistant, Queen Esther Grace Rose (pictured on the right). We know how important your message is. Navah will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you.

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