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Animals Are Not Property

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Animals are not property. They do not belong to us. If we are so blessed to have an animal or many animals in our lives, we are their Guardians. We don't own them. As Guardians of our animals we hold the utmost responsibility to the highest standard of care, respect and honor for them. This respect shall not just be for animals we call pets, but for every single animal that walks this Earth.

I love that in West Hollywood, CA the title "Guardian" has been implemented as law. The shift from "Owner" to "Guardian" is crucial in giving animals that are called "pets" rights. Please see the following article

This law is powerful. It's progressive nature is the rising shift in consciousness that is expanding on this Earth. It only takes one small city to lead by example showing the world that change is possible.

Believe in your power to create change!

In working with my clients, I always refer to the humans as Guardians. I refer to the animals as ChiIdren. I do not use the word owner. To me there is no difference between human children and animal children, except for the obvious form. They are all children of Creation. They all share the same Innocence. They all share the same connection to their mothers and fathers. They are connected to their family unit. They are dependent on us if in our homes. They are empathic, sentient and hold the light of love in their hearts. They have an emotional consciousness. They have a physical reality. They have cognitive states of awareness. They have spiritual connections. These are just a few of the connections that unify us all as ONE.

Photo is of my beloved Maggie; at 13 years old she is still going strong!

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