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Compassion Fatigue

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

I used to push myself beyond my limits in wanting to help, heal, find or save animals. At one point I had so many animals in my own household that I was constantly exhausted. At that time I was volunteering at a local cat rescue and doing the animal communications and healing there for free. I also had my own clients and was taking on lost animal cases. The lost animals became an obsession for me. I was so determined to find the animal I would work with area maps using a method called dowsing to pin point possible locations of the missing animal. I would drive myself to city after city scouring the streets in the hopes of finding the lost animal. I would do this for days. Some lost animals were abduction cases and I found myself so determined to save the animal from what they were experiencing that I was absolutely distraught for months.

I realized I was not taking care of my own energy. I was taking care of everyone else but neglecting myself. I was experiencing compassion fatigue. I loved animals so much that it became detrimental to my physical, emotional and mental well being. I realized I needed to detach and restructure the way I worked so that I could protect and take care of my own energy.

Currently, I no longer take lost animal cases. This has opened my energy up nicely to be of service in a way that feels good to ME. I learned my limits with how many animals I can be a mother to in my own family and I honor and respect myself to stick to that limit. I don't do free services anymore (unless it is in alignment with my Spirit to gift it). I have learned my value and the value of my gifts and honor them by being validated monetarily through my work.

Most of all, I realized I cannot save them all. That is not my responsibility. It is my responsibility to take care of myself first.

I am grateful for all of my past experiences for they have guided me within to ask in every situation in my life, "Is this in alignment with my inner joy"? If my heart bursts open, I say "YES". If my heart stays closed and my mind continues on a rant on why I "should" or "have to" do this, I kindly say "No". I can now say no without feeling bad or guilty.

I now know how to put myself first instead of last. Finally!

Photo is of my beloved Pandora; the beautiful Spirit who saved my life. I love you forever my dear.

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